Scientific Insights

Read through the studies and clinical papers published on dendritic cell therapy.

Cancer is clever and when it becomes a health event, the tumour(s) emit enzymes that put a ‘blindfold’ on the immune system. This means that the dendritic cells that we naturally produce never recognise the cancer as an ‘enemy’.

With lab matured dendritic cells we interrupt this process and prime the dendritic cells with the antigen of the patient’s particular cancer. Many clinical papers confirm the safety and the efficacy of this treatment either alone or in combination with other treatments. The Nobel medicine prize was awarded for this discovery and protocol.

What Immucura’s Experts reveal:

Dr. Christel 

“Immucura expert Dr. Christel discusses the benefits of Dendritic Cell Therapy, “It’s natural and it takes place in a healthy immune system. We have no negative side effects and it can be perfectly combined with other treatments.” she says.

Dr. Gabriele 

“Why I started working with Immucura is very simple, it’s because it’s the world’s best treatment when you have cancer and want to have a natural cure done, maybe also in addition to your chemotherapy or radiation. If you want to have something which is really healthy with no side effects and very effective and the efficacy has been shown in the research work, its the best you can do and It’s your decision to do something for your health.”

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